Testing data warehouse – A four step approach (Part II)

In my previous post  I elaborated on the key factors to be ensured in Data quality validation and end user & BI / report testing for an effective outcome. Data quality validation comprises of test for data completeness, data transformation and data quality. In this post I shall explain about the other two aspects that Data 

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Testing data warehouse – A four step approach (Part I)

The success of any Data Warehouse (DWH) solution lies in its ability to not only analyze huge amounts of data over time but also to provide stakeholders and end-users meaningful options that are based on real-time data. While details are elaborated below, it is essential that a good DWH test strategy should cover validation of 

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10 Tips to Effectively Plan Performance Testing for a New Website

It’s rare for any major application or website to go live without going through performance testing. It’s an extremely important activity that requires effective planning and execution.  Based on our experience in implementing web applications including websites for global clients, we believe a well-planned approach to testing new web applications goes a long way in 

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