IoT: Is your business smart and connected?

2015 has started with a bang and the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to consume headlines. At the same time the breadth of its impact is not readily understood leaving many organizations confused as to what exactly IoT is and how they should prepare. One thing is for sure, it’s all moving very rapidly requiring businesses to 

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Calling all CIOs: IoT will change everything in 2015 and beyond

The Internet of Things (IoT) introduces difficult questions: How can someone manage all of his or her devices? A unified user interface? Are different companies and industries ready to standardize? What is the potential commercial value for IoT? How will we manage security and safety? Software compatibility? Most industry forecasters agree that the Internet of 

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5 tech trends we’ll see more of in 2014

Every year brings plenty of hype around the promise of what new technical advancements and capabilities can bring to organizations trying to transform their businesses. There are also plenty of things that never quite live up to the promised hype. Let’s take a look at what to expect in 2014. Frank PalermoExecutive Vice President – Global 

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