The patient-centricity era: Five key areas healthcare organizations need to focus on

National Health IT Week is being celebrated all week. As we start to look into the future, it’s clear that healthcare IT will play a major role in the U.S. economy. The federal government spends a total of $82 Billion annually (Sasso, “Hillicon Valley,” The Hill, 9/13). Add in the amount that the state governments and 

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mHealth for Healthcare Payers: 5 Key Applications focused on Member Interactions

In one of my earlier blogs on SearchHealthIT titled “mHealth for Healthcare Payers: 5 Key Focus Areas for Mobile Applications”, I had listed applications for member interactions as one of the hottest areas that provide more value add to the payer organization. There is more focus on the member interactions due to the advancement of 

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5 Mistakes Payers Should Avoid While Implementing ICD-10

The deadline for ICD-10 implementation is fast approaching and healthcare Payers and Providers have less than two years to meet the requirements. Some healthcare organizations have yet to initiate their plans for the migration, some have progressed at a slow pace and very few have made substantial commitment to completion. Payers on track with the 

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