The Importance of Cyber Security in a Post–Cambridge Analytica Scandal Era

Following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook had to reassure their users that their personal data was being protected. The social media platform had to recreate its image and rebuild consumer trust by reconfiguring its cybersecurity procedures. Facebook began by Conducting audits on and investigations of all applications that had access to large amounts of information 

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Is the Virtual Assistant Adoption Hype Over or Just Heating Up?

Virtual assistants’ capabilities continue to increase as they improve at capturing inferential data on personal preferences, biases, expectations and habits. They will soon be able to predict our future likes and dislikes and our next needs and wants. Tasks from simple appointment setting with a human-like cadence to bringing you your beverage of choice are 

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How to ride the AI mega-wave

Last year had a transformative effect on Artificial intelligence (AI), with tech giants such as Google, Apple and Facebook all spending exorbitant amounts on acquiring AI start-ups. The aim for these companies was to bring the niche AI expertise of these start-ups in-house, signalling that these industry titans recognise the importance of having top notch 

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