Digital Business Strategy

Only two future events are certain – death, and disruption of the status quo

Introducing “Redefining Innovation: Embracing The 80-80 Rule to Ignite Growth in the Biopharmaceutical Industry” There is a crisis of innovation for incumbents in the biopharmaceutical industry that should concern all of us. Once innovators who were responsible for some of the most significant advances in medical care the human race has seen, these organizations have 

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Alibaba’s Strategy in India: Taking a Leaf out of Its China Playbook

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has made a slew of strategic investments aimed at building an ecosystem of businesses in India. With investments across mobile payments, e-commerce, logistics, lifestyle, and entertainment services, Alibaba’s strategy in India looks to be straight out of its China playbook.   Alibaba’s China Playbook Since starting its journey as a B2B 

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The Art of the Digital Wargame: Winning Strategies for an Unravelling Industry Structure

Virtusa recently helped a large bank that is facing disruption to its core business from Asian super-competitors, Tencent and Alibaba. This battle, despite the geography, is a case study for Western incumbents in service industries as they strategize on a pre-emptive move or a response to US technology giants (e.g., Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google), who 

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