Cloud Computing

Cloud: A melting pot for Innovations

With its promise of lower capex spending and a lower IT footprint to manage, cloud computing is increasingly becoming a go-to option for enterprises when evaluating their IT and apps spending during refresh cycles. Virtualization and automation of service provisioning is enabling IT to be leveraged more efficiently. Adoption of private cloud based solutions is 

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Cloud Computing Adoption in the Banking and Financial Services Industry

Despite the slow adoption of cloud computing by the banking and financial services industry with security and reliability being the major concerns, financial institutions are quickly resorting to cloud-based services to achieve increased agility and lowered total cost of ownership (TCO). According to IDC, worldwide revenue from public IT cloud services exceeded $21.5 billion in 

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Cloud-based CMS: Is It Ripe or Just Hype?

Enterprise applications delivered from the cloud have become a hot talking point in the tech industry recently. Fueled by an increasing focus on cost cutting, ease of use, scalability and faster time to market, cloud applications are being discussed in detail at various seminars and industry conferences. Taking a cue from these market indicators, most 

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