Veerappan Rathinam

Architect, Virtusa. Veera is working as Pega Systems Architect for the past 10 years, helps major organizations to improvise their business process using Pega BPM technology. He has worked with clients across healthcare, banking and Insurance domains across multiple geographies.

Posts by Veerappan Rathinam

Envisioning /Implementing PLM using Pega BPM and Pega Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

Health insurance companies face a huge challenge for maintaining their Provider network. The provider database of any health insurer is error prone. The direct impact of the having erroneous data impacts the business in many dimensions like inaccurate provider directory, incorrect claim payments sent to providers due to wrong address. With the Increased scrutiny from 

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Five considerations for data collection in a population health initiative

Data collection is the first step in population health initiative. The healthcare data is spread across a wide spectrum and involves the participation from various players. Below are the top 5 considerations for efficient data collection. Electronic Health Records (EHR) EHRs are digital versions of patient’s medical records. Every healthcare interaction leaves a digital footprint 

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