Vinod Kumar Bhan

Architect - Technology, Virtusa. Vinod has around 13 years of experience in IT industry, including several years spent in consulting and deploying complex solutions. He started his career in technology in airline domain, and went on to focus on Enterprise Content Management (ECM) as a specialization. Vinod has worked, in the Middle east and US, with Fortune 500 companies in consulting model in the ECM space. Vinod has also implemented Web CMS solutions for clients across diverse industry verticals. Vinod is currently spending his time in Document Management and Record Management space. Vinod loves to travel and explore new geographies, by doing so appreciate nature and its creation.

Posts by Vinod Kumar Bhan

Embedding web analytics dynamically : Tool kit framework approach

In continuation to my previous blog that discussed on successful web analytics product selection through a use case, in this blog, I have listed methods to implement web analytics independent of the source code. A typical issue of a solution engineer is such: the implementation of my web analytics tool is embedded in the source 

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Web analytics – 5 Key Considerations for Successful Product Selection

Marketing teams and corporate strategists are constantly on the lookout for online user behavior reports to both facilitate effective decision making, and enhance customer experience. Web properties are the best way to reach customers and to collect this information first hand. There are a myriad of both open source and commercial tools for such web 

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Responsive Web Design Implementation – 6 Best Practices

Responsive layouts, adaptive layouts, media queries and viewports are terms that are no longer new to the tech savvy generation of today. There exists a burgeoning trend where websites are creating mobile friendly versions to adapt to the relatively smaller mobile screens. Responsive web design (RWD), thus proves to be an emerging user interface design 

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Success of a Content Management Tool – The User Connection

Deploying a content management tool at an enterprise level requires a buy-in from users (bottom up). In a bottom up flow, it is important that top level commitment is present for the tool and that the tool is successfully installed and implemented.  This will benefit the organization and yield the desired results which were envisioned. 

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