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5 Key Considerations While Developing a Mobile Publishing Strategy

It’s evident these days that organizations have started looking at mobile as a key strategic channel for reaching their customers enabling them to improve market share, increase revenue and provide a better customer experience. Before jumping on the mobile bandwagon, however, organizations need to take stock of the various challenges confronted in mobile publishing and 

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10 Best Practices while defining a Globalization strategy for Web Portals

Organizations often develop country portals in silos. Each country/region may have its own IT department, which develops websites that cater to that region’s needs. While this provides a good customized solution catering to a specific country/region’s requirements, the branding and user experience across these various sites for the same corporation becomes very inconsistent. Many organizations 

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The ECM Hype, Flop & Revival

While much has been written about Enterprise Content Management (ECM) trends that have come to fruition, not much is talked about those hyped technologies that ‘just passed by’. Even though some of them flopped, they may have manifested themselves in other forms and are still gaining success. I think it’s worth understanding how the underlying 

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