Venkata Ramana Lanka

Director - QA, Virtusa. Venkata Ramana Lanka (LRV) is an accomplished software test management professional with an extensive background in software testing, test automation framework design, building domain specific testing solution accelerators, leading large software testing teams and supporting presales initiatives. LRV is an hands-on manager with proven ability to direct and improve quality initiatives, reduce defects and improve overall efficiency and productivity. He has in-depth and proven expertise in developing and implementing test strategies and operational procedures. LRV has extensive experience in working with multiple commercial and open source test tools. As a QA thought leader, LRV has written multiple White papers and articles some of which have been published in various media. Further, he has spoken and presented papers at various software testing conferences.

Posts by Venkata Ramana Lanka

Modern Testing Disruptions

Digital transformation is real, challenging enterprises to innovate and adopt to stay competitive. Disruption from innovative financial tech (FinTech) companies, increasing adoption of digital technology by customers, better and smarter devices, new products through Internet of Things (IoT) integration, the ability to deliver pointed solutions through machine learning and artificial intelligence, and a focus on 

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Test strategies for different cloud models – An overview

In my previous blog, I wrote about the important factors impacting cloud testing, with a particular emphasis on the effect of various software development models on the testing approach. In this blog, I’ve elaborated the different aspects of testing that needs to be considered while migrating to the cloud. However, I would like to point out 

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Testing data warehouse – A four step approach (Part II)

In my previous post  I elaborated on the key factors to be ensured in Data quality validation and end user & BI / report testing for an effective outcome. Data quality validation comprises of test for data completeness, data transformation and data quality. In this post I shall explain about the other two aspects that Data 

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Testing data warehouse – A four step approach (Part I)

The success of any Data Warehouse (DWH) solution lies in its ability to not only analyze huge amounts of data over time but also to provide stakeholders and end-users meaningful options that are based on real-time data. While details are elaborated below, it is essential that a good DWH test strategy should cover validation of 

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