Suman Kumar Chandra

Director - Delivery, Virtusa. Suman has worked in multiple areas spanning from delivery of large complex IT and business programs, to managing multiple global accounts, consulting and sharing thought leadership. He was associated with BPM, CRM, DW/BI, Social, Mobility and Testing engagement for his clients. He has worked on multiple process initiatives for systemic improvement. He is a PMP and Certified Process Professional. Suman holds Bachelor degree from Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology (IIEST), Shibpur and MBA (Finance & Strategy) from Melbourne Business School, Australia with international exchange from Darden School of Business, USA.

Posts by Suman Kumar Chandra

Emerging Trends in IT Project Management – Creating an Order from the Chaos

Today any organization across industries is a tech organization. Technology has come to the center-stage of organizations for establishing its competitive advantage, cost optimization or creating new revenue stream. ‘Innovation’ using technology is needed for mere survival while thriving without it is impossible. Thus executing Information Technology (IT) projects is very critical. At the same 

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Digital wallets not yet ready for prime time

We read a lot about digital wallets these days – particularly in the wake of 2014’s Apple Pay announcement. All this excitement inevitably raises the question: when will digital wallets replace leather wallets? In other words, when will old fashioned cash and traditional credit cards become passé? To answer that question, we need to consider 

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Utilizing the internet of things in banking

While the banking industry has so far been a laggard in utilizing the Internet of Things, changes are afoot driven by the need for productivity improvement, innovation and growth. The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to be a hot topic, not only in the technology industry but also in traditional core industries. It would drive 

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Can technology play alchemist’s role to overcome regulatory challenges in the banking industry?

Since the end of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), there has been tremendous pressure posed by regulatory bodies to bring discipline to the financial industry, gain trust from consumers and create a better economic system. How have effective regulatory changes been so far able to meet their fundamental objectives? Well, that depends mostly on the 

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Future of customer experience in digital banking

Digital banks are no longer in the ‘money’ business but rather, in the ‘value’ business. This value is not just providing a functional benefit but also a holistic experience, (i.e. ‘what, when and how’ of the benefit), that customer values in the experience-based economy. Unlike in the past, when more than two products from one 

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2015 – Top trends in retail banks

Consumer behavior, technology and regulation have been transforming the retail banking industry. However, with so many different technologies available, it is important that retail banks separate hype from reality when deciding on their key investments for 2015 to ensure they can gain the best Return on Investment. Product differentiation between banks is negligible today; instead, 

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Offshore connect – New mantra for complex IT delivery

For more than three decades, IT outsourcing vendors have been helping their clients across the globe. Through this journey, both clients and their vendor partners have evolved, as has the evolution of delivery and  the engagement model. Both big and niche IT players have had to adapt according to their business strategy and market forces. 

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