Srinivasan Pandurangan

Senior Manager - Business Consulting, Virtusa. Srinivasan is a business consultant providing solutions to complex business problems in Banking industry for more than a decade. He is very passionate and actively involved in exploring billion dollar payments industry.

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PSD2 and other payment regs are getting away from data compliance tech

After the 2008 financial crisis, FIs faced stringent regulations from governing bodies across the globe. FATCA, GDPR, PSD2, and MiFIDII are some of the regulations that have come into existence in the last few years. According to a Deloitte report, there are around 200 regulatory revisions to track and comply with on a daily basis. 

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How Enterprises Can Benefit from a Voice-Based User Interface

Voice assistants are all the rage, and this trend is here to stay. By 2020, 30% of all browsing will be through screenless interactions. Emerging fields such as natural language processing (NLP) are set to drive the next wave of innovation. NLP enables machines to interact with humans in a natural manner, resulting in an 

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How business analysts should approach knowledge absorption during transition

Knowledge Absorption (KA) is one of the critical phase in application transition. If KA fails everything else in the transition phase will be deemed for failure. The KA phase is especially challenging for those applications for which we have no pointers. Typically, the business analyst (BA) will be held responsible for functional transitions and during 

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