Sreekanth Lapala

Senior Vice President – Outsourcing Transformation Services, Virtusa. Sreekanth has over 17 years of industry experience, with focus on information technology with immense experience focused on execution of large scale transformation programs and growing delivery centers. In the current role, he has a dual responsibility of leading Virtusa’s largest account while also heading the Outsourcing Transformation Services group. Prior to joining Virtusa, Sreekanth had a very successful stint at a product company and instrumental in building the world’s first J2EE 1.3 certified server by Sun Microsystems. Sreekanth is a prolific speaker and has been frequently quoted in the media. Sreekanth is a graduate from BITS Pilani.

Posts by Sreekanth Lapala

Open Banking APIs – Unlocking the Digital Transformation in Banking Industry

Application programming interfaces (APIs) is relatively an old technical composition, which has been around for a long time. It is a structured and predetermined mechanism where two systems can exchange data with each other. Essentially APIs were internally focused and were exposed externally only in a very private manner or only to pre-identified partners. Open 

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How Technology is changing the future of banking in India

In the present era of global, interconnected financial systems, a small ripple in one nook and corner of the world can probably create a shock wave in the entire economic ecosystem. This has led to increased scrutiny and more stringent and intricate regulatory requisites for the financial institutions. Regulators have not only shortened the time 

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