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Manager - Business Consulting, Virtusa. Kuzhalan Samydurai has helped lead healthcare organizations for more than a decade by providing IT solutions for their complex business problems, enabling their growth and making them complaint with the industry regulations

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5 great answers built on Pega for your Healthcare provider management problems

The least prioritized (and invested) IT system, in a Payer organization, is that of Network Management. This is, however, expected to change in the future, since Payer organizations have started realizing that both Provider and member service ratings, as well as Medicare payer rating could be badly impacted by not providing the right provider data 

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5 mistakes to avoid while solving manual adjudication problems through Pega Robotics

Hold claims or Pend claims pull down the efficiency of a Payer organization to a high degree. There is little reason to believe that Hold claims or Pend claims or manual adjudication problems will reduce in the near future, thanks to ever changing healthcare business rules and the high risk and efforts involved in fixing 

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Pega and RPA: Top 5 quick ROI opportunities in healthcare automation

Pega’s acquisition of OpenSpan has triggered a lot of excitement among customers, competition and service providers. The acquisition has opened up a whole lot of avenues for overcoming the business challenges healthcare payers are facing today on account of mundane manual tasks and also due to use of multiple silo systems. These organizations, in their quest 

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Technology: A key to patient satisfaction?

Patients are the key driving force of today’s consumer-driven healthcare market. Whether it’s the caregiver one chooses from healthgrades.com or a facility chosen from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid star ratings, patient satisfaction marks the future of this highly dynamic and competitive industry. As for health plans, apart from patient satisfaction, member satisfaction is 

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