Ganeshji Marwaha

Associate Director – Technology, Mobility Practice, Virtusa. Ganeshji has around 15 years of experience in the software industry. He spends his days as a Chief Architect of Mobility Practice and helps his clients design enterprise/consumer mobile strategies, mobile-cloud relationship and unique mobile capabilities like biometrics, voice and geo-location. As a thought leader in mobile commerce, he helps his clients to design solutions for mobile wallet, mobile payments, in-store customer experience, mobile POS and analytics-driven mobile marketing. At present he is working on a next generation mobile payments solution that is envisioned to drive mobile payments of all form factors in the near future. Ganeshji is a passionate admirer of the power of the human mind and consequently, the study of psychology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. When he is not doing technology, he is most probably exploring psychology in an attempt to learn more about ourselves. He lives with his wife and a series of networked electronic devices in Nashua, NH.

Posts by Ganeshji Marwaha

Apple Pay – An attempt to demystify Apple’s new service

When Apple announced Apple Pay as a service on September 9th, they mentioned a few key terms like secure element, tokens, one time unique number, device account number and dynamic security code. For the layman, this could mean that Apple has used the most advanced security technology in Apple Pay; but for the folks in 

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Bring Your Own Wallet

Today, the ‘mobile wallet’ is an overused buzzword discussed and debated by a variety of industries. Payment companies, financial institutions and merchants of all sizes are all vying for consumer attention. Technology companies, mobile network operators (MNOs), start-ups and even marketing companies are joining forces to innovate in this space. Though many are talking about 

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