Sanjib Dutta

Sanjib is a Strategy Consultant in Virtusa’s Digital Business Strategy team and works with clients to create and execute their digital strategies.

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Video Streaming Marketplace – Too Many Cooks in The Kitchen

Due to the risk of losing the direct relationship with their customers and the struggle to deliver media content at breakneck speed, media and telecom players are now looking to provide their own direct-to-consumer (DTC) video streaming services. The result is an elimination of content aggregators from the media value chain with a move towards 

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The Death of Linear Media Value Chain and the Rise of Direct-to-Consumer Model

Ubiquitous high-speed connectivity, smart devices and availability of extensive OTT content are enabling a fundamental shift in consumers’ video consumption behavior from “watching what’s on” to “watching what I want, when I want, and where I want”. This transition – from linear, time-slot based consumption on TV to 24×7 on-demand, nonlinear binge-watching across a wide 

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