Samir Dhir

President, Banking and Financial services, Virtusa Corporation. Samir is responsible for global delivery, resource management and client delight focus across all our operating geographies. In addition, Samir is the Head of our India operations and is a Board member of Virtusa Consulting Services. Samir previously worked for Wipro Technologies where he managed delivery with over 5,000 people for technology, media, transportation and services business, handled their SAP Practice and ran the managed services business. Prior to Wipro he held leadership positions with Avaya and Lucent Technologies in the UK.Samir received his MBA from the Warwick Business School, UK and holds a B Tech from the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee.

Posts by Samir Dhir

A Year Of Digital Disruptions

Digital transformations shaped 2016. Enterprises centered their focus on business needs, capabilities and availability related to digital transformation. Major challenge was to maintain legacy IT services with limited budgets, while also increasing digital transformation within the business. IT leadership took note of the situation on time and we saw implementation of cross-functional partnerships, investments in 

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How enterprises can adopt Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology is fast emerging as one of the biggest disruptive forces to drive benefits across multiple dimensions – cost savings, efficiency, accuracy, scalability, and compliance by automating key aspects of highly skilled knowledge work. Cognitive technologies that learn, recognize and process languages, designs and imagines like a human are poised to 

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Setting new standards through data driven decision-making

The first wave of the web connected people and sources of information. The second wave saw the social media connecting businesses and ordinary people. Now, however, we find ourselves beginning to ride the third wave of connectivity – one in which everyday objects become connected, and technology interweaves with our increasingly connected lives. Over 50 

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CIOs look to reduce technical debt to scale up productivity

How to create value for businesses at a time when labour arbitrage in the outsourcing industry has plummeted? That is the challenge CIOs are facing today. And to overcome this challenge, they have started looking at reducing technical debt. Technical debt (also known as design or code debt) refers to the eventual consequences of poor 

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A millennial mindset will determine the future of businesses

The term millennials is a misnomer. The general tendency to think of millennials as teenagers is flawed as millennials were born after 1980. The majority of millennial customers with purchasing power have exploded and brought to the market an entirely new set of expectations. With their dependence on social media to get and share information 

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Capitalizing on new technology trends

A decade ago, there were about 400 million people on the Internet; today, there are nearly 2 billion. More than 940 million people around the world have 3G mobile phone subscriptions, and more than 500 million use Facebook. We are in the midst of unprecedented technology evolution, with multiple technology disruptions/trends transforming the way business 

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The Age of an Empowered Consumer – Crystal Ball Gazing for IT and Business

The last few years have seen tremendous changes in the business world; particularly the way customers, employees and partners are interacting and collaborating to conduct their business. Customers are making decisions to buy or discontinue a service with a click of a button. The “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) trend involves employees bringing their own 

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Driving Value for Clients in the age of Enterprise 2.0

The last few years of the millennium have seen old business models giving way to new ones. Customer needs are transitioning from those of pure consumption-oriented to those of convenience-oriented with the coming of age of the digital native. Organizations big and small are being affected by the onslaught of myriad of factors including enlightened 

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“Consumerization” of IT: Power in the hands of End User

Ever wondered why so many application development projects have much longer than planned user acceptance testing phase? For a very long time developers focused on completing the functionality, with limited focus on usability. For the last few years, there has been a distinct trend towards a “consumerization” of IT. To a great extent Enterprise 2.0 

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