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How Wall Street is adopting the Tablet devices

Tablets are everywhere on the Wall Street, on trading floors, in the offices of money, fund and wealth managers, brokers are using them, so are traders, regulators, financial analysts, accountants, auditors, media persons and the persons who run the IT back office and data centers. Because of their light weight and convenient form factor (from 

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Five Critical Mistakes to Avoid when Building an Enterprise App Store

Enterprise app stores are becoming a critical component of enterprise mobility. More and more enterprises are either building or looking to build enterprise app stores to distribute and manage enterprise mobile applications. The increasing usage of tablets such as the iPad, the bring your own device (BYOD) phenomena and organizational wide activity in rolling out 

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The Top 10 “Must-Have” Features of an Enterprise App Store

Enterprise App stores serve a very important purpose: the ability to distribute internal applications to organizations’ employees and other stakeholders without having to upload the app onto a public app store. With the proliferation of mobile devices, BYOD policies, and the large scale adoption and usage of tablets such as iPad within the enterprise, the 

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