Prageeth Sandakalum

Consultant, Gamification Lead - Customer Experience Management, Virtusa. Prageeth is responsible for end to end delivery of Gamification products, general technical lead operations and internal/external sales for the millennial enterprise initiative of Virtusa (V+). He is also a part of many strategic initiatives in the area of millennial enterprise solutions and assists the organization in the Go To Market strategy for the same. He is a First class honors degree holder in the field of Information Technology from University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. He is also an Advanced Speaker – Bronze, specialized in Technical Presentations & Informative Speaking awarded by Toastmasters International. He was an invited guest speaker at the SharePoint & Social Business Conference 2012, USA and a speaker at Microsoft Sri Lanka Technology Forums and Various Educational Institutes including National Universities. Apart from being a researcher on Gamification and Social Business Techniques, he also loves to watch and play Cricket and Badminton, Travel around the world and do Latin American dancing.

Posts by Prageeth Sandakalum

Gamification, big data and social business – The way forward for cutting edge enterprises

Gamification, big data and social business have been trending topics in how to build a typical millennial enterprise. But as of now, many organizations have operated them in silos and it remains to be seen how exactly we can truly integrate them. This article explains how big data and social business can be used together 

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Gamification in the airline industry – going beyond traditional customer loyalty programs

The airline industry and gamification, or the use of game mechanics in non-gaming contexts, have historically had a close relationship. The first ever use of any form of gamification started in 1981 when American Airlines introduced the first frequent flyer program named “AAdvantage”. Since then, the use of gamification has become more common and is 

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Using powerful game design techniques for a successful enterprise gamification design

The biggest worry in the field of enterprise gamification is the prediction made by Gartner saying that 80% of the gamified applications would fail. It is important to look beyond the traditional approaches of game design to understand what drives player motivation. This will allow us to dig deeper to decide how to really make 

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Why leveraging socio gamification in an enterprise will drive more value

Every game has a defined way to win. The real question is how many players play a game for the sole purpose of winning. According to Professor Richard Bartle from the University of Essex, the primary type of players (80%) are “Socializers” who join a game purely to interact with other players and enjoy the 

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