Premkumar Chelliah Veerakumar

Associate Director – Technology, Millennial Solutions Group, Virtusa. Prem is with the IT Services sector for close to 16 years wearing the Enterprise Architect, Technology Consultant and Programmer hats. In his current role he is working with clients to build solutions catered to the Millennial Generation which involves R&D, roadmap development and thinking out of the box. Millennial solutions focus on increasing ‘Increasing User Engagement’, ‘Business Transformation’ , ‘Personalized Services’ using technologies like Social, Cloud, Big Data, Mobile and concepts like Gamification, Crowd Sourcing, etc. He completed his Masters from College of Engineering Guindy and was with Cognizant Technology Solutions from 1997-2006.

Posts by Premkumar Chelliah Veerakumar

10 key considerations for an Enterprise Gamification initiative

Enterprises today face a new kind of challenge. A disengaged workforce and a transactional customer base has resulted in productivity loss as well as higher customer churn. Not surprisingly, the Gallup Survey 2013 found that 70% of the workforces is not engaged, which leads to the loss of between $450 and $550 billion per year. The 

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