Prashanth Allampalli

Prashanth comes with 13 years of experience primarily in the areas of trade finance, payment systems and core banking transformation. He has been involved with a number of digital and next-generation technology projects that involve data intelligence, RPA and machine learning. Prashanth is known for robust solution designs and logical thinking. His philosophy revolves around the theory that technology is the enabler and one needs to think as well as work backwards rather than starting off with the possibilities of the current technology. Prashanth holds a B.E in Electronics and an MBA in Finance.

Posts by Prashanth Allampalli

The AI Way to a Superior Personalized Customer Experience

Personalization and Timing to Improve Customer Relationships Businesses are always looking for ingenious ways to improve customer service. According to a recent Forbes survey, 70% of buying decisions are influenced by how clients feel they are being treated; therefore, a superior personalized customer experience goes a long way toward getting the numbers up. Exceptional service 

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