Naresh Kumar Gandesiri

Director - ECM Practice, Virtusa. Naresh has more than 14 years of experience in the IT industry, working with various customers and helping them successfully implement Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Portal solutions. In his current role as Asia Head of ECM Practice at Virtusa, he is handling the implementations of various ECM solutions on different ECM technologies. Naresh is accountable for revenue, operations, P&L and successful delivery of ECM projects and solutions at Virtusa. He has handled a number of ECM projects of different sizes / duration across domains spanning various geographies. He works closely and collaboratively with other practices in Virtusa to create the thought leadership for building cross practice collaborative go-to-market solutions.

Posts by Naresh Kumar Gandesiri

Embarking on a Social Media Journey: Five Key Focus Areas for Companies in Regulated Industries

The nature of financial, healthcare, insurance and defense industries implies the non-negotiable need for high levels of regulation. In these stringent environments with strict controls on policies and procedures, leveraging social media platforms to increase collaboration among employees is challenging. To succeed, there is a need to establish well-defined processes, policies and codes of conduct 

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Top Five Considerations to Keep in Mind while Building an Enterprise Social Strategy

‘Social’ is the buzz word that is driving enterprises crazy today. This leaves C-level executives of enterprises asking many questions: Should we go Social? How will it impact my organization? What do others perceive of it?  Will it impact my organization’s brand image? Below are some key points to consider while devising an organizational social 

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The Key to Successful ECM Implementation: Defining ECM Governance

Enterprises are beginning to realize that an effective Enterprise Content Management (ECM) roadmap, if preceded by evaluation, strategy and goals, can lead to many enterprise-level business benefits. However, to prevent ECM oversight, it is imperative to have a governance body in place to help establish a strategy which in turn results in clear operating plans. 

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Top 5 Reasons for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Implementation Failure – Recommendations to avoid failures

An Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system offers a platform to provide transformational value and change in any organization. However, all ECM implementations must start with the right note and the right sponsorship combined with an achievable plan to make them successful. Otherwise, failure is inevitable. In this post, based on our experience in providing ECM 

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