Michael Picard

Vice President, Multiple Systems Operators (MSO) / Multi-Program Video Programming Distributor (MVPD), Virtusa. Michael has been a leader in the IT industry for the past 28 years and has implemented publishing solutions across the entire publishing spectrum, editorial, content management, mobility, social, rights management and managed services models. Michael is also an adjunct professor at Northeastern University.

Posts by Michael Picard

Winning the race with Pega 7

Leveraging the Pega 7 Platform with the right implementation approach can help you win the race against your competitors. Have you have ever wondered how elite cyclists prepare for the Tour de France? It’s quite staggering!! Elite riders measure everything: 450 – 475 watts of power kph-plus, VO2 max, Body Mass Index (BMI), Heart Rate, 

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How Publishers should deal with digital disruption

The leading world economies have witnessed a decline in consumer disposable income in the past five years resulting in less spending on books in general. The mega trend to move from traditional publishing to digital publishing has also impacted the global book publishing industry significantly. The proliferation of new tablet and smart mobile devices coupled 

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