Misnad Haque

Senior Architect - Technology Services, Virtusa . A technologist and an advocate of Innovation in the field of Application Support & Maintenance (AS&M). With a mixed background of both Development and Service Operations of 14 years, he is known for establishing the first AS&M engagement in Virtusa, inventing a scientific AS&M estimation model and has also led transitions for 160+ systems as part of his repertoire. He presently heads the Engineering arm of the Tech Ops practice in Colombo, introducing concepts such as Autonomics, AI and IoT into the vast AS&M space.

Posts by Misnad Haque

Application Support: Embracing Taboo

Utter the words, “Application Support” and you will be met with a variety of reactions. To some, it merely translates into extended work hours. Another popular reaction is that of condescension, where the word “support” implies “assistance”, hence an Application Support Engineer would qualify as an Assistant to the more proficient “Developer”. You may also 

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