Manoj Apte

Manoj is a subject matter expert in corporate payments and is part of Payments Practice group at Virtusa. He has 18+ years of experience in industry and worked with many Tier-I banks in capacity of senior business analyst, Functional designer role. He has good understanding of high and low value payments and also has exposure to real time payments.

Posts by Manoj Apte

Application of Artificial Intelligence in Payment Processing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here for quite some time and is successfully being used in banking applications like Fraud Analysis and Customer Risk Scoring but with a limited scope. The prominence of AI in decision making has augmented with the advent of data explosion, big data analysis and internet penetration. Chatbots, a prominent development in 

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4 must-dos for a banking aggregator to accelerate NPP compliance

Plato, the famous Greek philosopher once remarked, “To suffer the penalty of too much haste, which is too little speed”. The quote seems perfect for this harp on real-time payments. Real-time payments are a reality. Consumers today instantly pay Uber rides or split a restaurant bill with buddies through e-wallets. Financial institutions need to gear 

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Unified Payment Interface – Is it a real threat to Digital Wallets?

With the introduction of Unified Payment Interface (UPI) this year, National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) struck a right cord in fulfilling dream of digital India. As UPI is making its way to market, many analysts have started comparing it with digital wallets. The growing consensus depicts end of an era for mobile/digital wallet companies 

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