Kiran Kumar Reddy

Kiran Kumar Reddy (KKR), is Business solution specialist & Lead SME at Virtusa where he is responsible for building new Innovative solutions & through leadership in the areas of Cash & Liquidity Management and Commercial Portal. He has over 17+ years of experience in the Banking, IT, Telecom, and BPO Industry. He is regarded as the business solution innovator with the expertise in building design lead next Generation solution. He played a major role in getting major multimillion deal win at TATA and Virtusa. He has previously worked with CitiGroup, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Oracle Financials, TATA Communications in different strategic assignment and played multiple roles like Head Presales & Product Manager (TATA), Senior Business Analysis (Oracle), Business Solution Specialist (Citigroup) & Operations Manager (Kotak Bank). Kiran was part of major banking industry innovation like Cloud based Cheque Truncation solution, Electronic payment gateway, Consulting Bank on Transformation, Robotic Driven banking solutions, Cash management API & Microservices framework, Entitlement Framework, other solution Kiran is also part of Customer Society of India(CSI) and delivers Guest lecture on regular basis and He is part of the multiple thought leadership forums with in Virtusa. Kiran has completed his MBA(Major Finance) from NMIMS (Mumbai) and holds Degree in Physics & Electronic Instrumentation from Mumbai University.

Posts by Kiran Kumar Reddy

The Art of the New Era: Commercial Banking Driven by AI and Data Science

Banks’ AI and data science capabilities should help corporations achieve the goals of meeting liquidity goals and working capital needs and increasing business margins. The ever-growing business needs of the corporations will require new banking products and services, and data science is the key to fulfill next-generation corporate customer needs. Satisfied customers would bring in 

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