Madhavan Krishnan

Vice President of Cloud Computing Practice & Leader - Millennial Solutions Group, Virtusa. Madhavan is an experienced technology practitioner with a strong business orientation. He has more than 17 years of Global IT industry experience in multiple technology and business roles. In his current role, he is the head of Cloud computing practice in Virtusa with responsibility for competency development, client solutions, practice team development from Asia and P&L. Madhavan is an active contributor to the company’s millennial solutions strategy and an active exponent of impact of convergence effect of multiple technology trends at the intersection of Cloud, Mobility and Big Data. Madhavan’s experience cuts across different dimensions of the IT Services business including Global Delivery, Enterprise Architecture, incubating and scaling technology practices with P & L responsibility; presales and business development. Madhavan’s strength is in driving adoption of technology led business solutions for clients in both Global and emerging markets. He helped kick start and scaled several technology practices for a large IT Services provider from ground up including RFID /M2M and Mobility practice, Manufacturing and Retail Domain Solutions group and launching / running Cloud business. Madhavan is an active participant in various industry and client forums like CII, MAIT, RFID World Asia and was a member of RFID Integration Consortium in 2005. He has authored and published several technology and business papers over the years.

Posts by Madhavan Krishnan

Cloud Trends with a Silver Lining

2018 witnessed an exponential rise in cloud adoption among companies of all sizes, from tech giants to mushrooming startups. With a growing investment of about 36 percent from the past two years, conservative sectors like government—U.S., Military—and financial institutions embraced cloud as a digital business model enabler of the future. It is predicted by 2020, 

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Want your legacy assets to fly? Cloud Service Delivery Platform could be what you need

Despite the last decade of articles proclaiming the end of the legacy application, many businesses are still struggling with inherited technology that’s no longer fit for purpose. Fortunately, that pain could soon be alleviated – thanks to the rapid adoption of API-driven microservices, the idea of a service delivery platform which can embed cloud-native capabilities 

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Next-Generation DevOps: Self-Learning Systems

The massive enterprise movement toward all things “digital” has accelerated the adoption of DevOps in all kinds of projects, but particularly in digital transformation initiatives. Apart from the productivity benefits gained by automating software development and rollout, the increased agility has helped move DevOps adoption to gain critical mass in a relatively short time. However, 

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Three steps to prepare an enterprise for digital revolution

Business innovation through digitization and the reimagining of business processes driven by data has become a necessity for every organization across a variety of industries. Consumers have led the business in this charge, leaving businesses with no choice but to respond or perish. Business models and processes, which had previously worked for decades in many 

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Why cloud DevOps for financial services companies

The consumerization of the technology industry has had a major impact on the way IT and business applications are built and managed in the financial services industry, leading to business complexity. Businesses today have a need to respond to dynamic changes in the marketplace to keep up with their consumers. Consumers are now interacting through 

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5 steps to achieve hyper productivity with your digital apps development

The mobile and cloud revolution in enterprise IT is well underway and is already causing never-before–seen changes in the way apps are developed, managed and transformed. The driving factors behind these changes are massively empowered consumers who have information about a brand’s product and service at their fingertips on their mobile devices. It is imperative 

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Cloud: A melting pot for Innovations

With its promise of lower capex spending and a lower IT footprint to manage, cloud computing is increasingly becoming a go-to option for enterprises when evaluating their IT and apps spending during refresh cycles. Virtualization and automation of service provisioning is enabling IT to be leveraged more efficiently. Adoption of private cloud based solutions is 

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