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BPM Program Implementation – An Important Checklist for Success

Since the emergence of Business Process Management (BPM), organisations adopting it  have had a wide variety of experiences – some successful and others less so. Some would argue that because BPM is so amorphous that any project is considered to be analogous to ‘boiling the ocean’ and therefore the outcomes may vary from exceptionally successful 

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Focussed Business Architecture is making a Resurgence

In recent months there has been a noticeable resurgence in the need for Business Architecture at both tactical and strategic levels. In my experience, there are many Enterprise Architects (EA’s) thinking about Business Architecture, but very few who are really doing Business Architecture. The Standish Group, an IT research organisation, documents this annually and has 

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BPM Adoption – How to derive extended cost savings?

Recent research has shown that there is a marked increase in the move to outsourcing application development and maintenance of organisational applications. Computer Economics have found that based on an annual survey of 200 IT organisations, there has been a marked decrease in ‘in-house’ IT staff ratios for application programmers and system analysts. It has 

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