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Executive Vice President - Global Digital Solutions, Virtusa. Frank Palermo brings more than 24 years of experience in technology leadership across a wide variety of technical products and platforms. Frank has a wealth of experience in leading global teams in large scale, transformational application and product development programs. In his current role at Virtusa, Frank heads the Global Technical Solutions Group which contains many of Virtusa’s specialized technical competency areas such as Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence (DWBI). The group is responsible for creating an overall go-to-market strategy, developing technical competencies and standards, and delivering IP based Solutions for each of these practice areas. Frank also leads an emerging technology group that is responsible for incubating new solutions in areas such as mobile computing, social solutions and cloud computing. Frank is also responsible for overseeing all of the Partner Channels as well as Analyst Relations for the firm. Prior to joining Virtusa, Frank was Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Decorwalla, an emerging B2B marketplace in the interior design industry, where he was responsible for the overall technology strategy, creative direction, and site development and deployment. Prior to that, Frank was CTO and VP of Engineering for INSCI Corporation, a supplier of digital document repositories and integrated output management products and services. Prior to INSCI, Frank worked at IBM in the Advanced Workstations Division, and took part in the PowerPC consortium with IBM, Motorola and Apple. He was also involved in the design of the PowerPC family of microprocessors as well as architecting and developing a massive distributed client/server design automation and simulation system involving thousands of high-end clustered servers. Frank received several patents for his work in the area of microprocessor design and distributed client/server computing. Frank holds a BSEE degree from Northeastern University and completed advanced studies at the University of Texas.

Posts by Frank Palermo

Cloudy weather ahead for IBM and Red Hat?

The world is buzzing about the software industry’s largest acquisition ever. This “game changing” IBM acquisition of Red Hat for $34 billion eclipses Microsoft’s $26.2 billion of LinkedIn, which set the previous record. And it’s the third largest tech acquisition in history behind Dell buying EMC for $64 billion in 2015 and Avago’s buyout of 

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Has AI become a Utility Function?

It’s hard to miss all the attention and hype Artificial Intelligence (AI) is getting these days. Everywhere you turn there are articles on a myriad of AI related topics such as deep learning, machine learning, cognitive computing, computer vision, natural language processing (NLP), etc. Frequently these terms are used interchangeable despite meaning very different things 

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Is the Virtual Assistant Adoption Hype Over or Just Heating Up?

Virtual assistants’ capabilities continue to increase as they improve at capturing inferential data on personal preferences, biases, expectations and habits. They will soon be able to predict our future likes and dislikes and our next needs and wants. Tasks from simple appointment setting with a human-like cadence to bringing you your beverage of choice are 

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How to ride the AI mega-wave

Last year had a transformative effect on Artificial intelligence (AI), with tech giants such as Google, Apple and Facebook all spending exorbitant amounts on acquiring AI start-ups. The aim for these companies was to bring the niche AI expertise of these start-ups in-house, signalling that these industry titans recognise the importance of having top notch 

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Overblown expectations for autonomous cars could force the next AI winter

Artificial intelligence has long had to manage expectations of its potential benefits versus what it is capable of providing at any point in time. This tension slowed down the overall progress and benefits of AI by introducing skepticism, reducing funding, and limiting adoption of the technology. Ideas around AI date back to even before the 

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Goodbye Copycat: China Returns to Its Innovation Roots

China has long been considered the copycat nation of the world. For generations, its goal was not to build on what the competition has done, but rather play catch-up by piggybacking on other people’s technological advances and underpricing the competition. For years, Chinese copycat knockoff products have flooded western markets. This raised concerns about brand 

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The Emergence Of Digital 2.0: What To Get Ready For In 2018

Every year, new technologies and innovations basically reinvent how business gets done. The term “digital” has pretty much become passé and is losing most of its muster. Yet many companies are still struggling to fully embrace the digital shift. Digital 2.0 technologies — machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain, augmented reality, Internet of Things, cloud robotics, 

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Artificial Intelligence Threats and Promises

Artificial intelligence (AI) might evolve to the point where humans are no longer in control. Facebook was recently forced to shut down an experiment after two artificial intelligence programs began chatting to each other in their own language. Researchers at the Facebook AI Research Lab (FAIR) found the chatbots had deviated from their script and 

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AI perfectly illustrates Darwinism at a business level

One of the core tenets of Darwinism is the idea that only those equipped to deal with their environment will survive. Darwin may have addressed the natural world, but his insights still offer some valuable lessons in business. The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how businesses are adapt to this new technological development provides 

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Real News Alert! Artificial Intelligence Is Redefining Marketing

Digital technologies are at the center of everything. The ability to act smarter and move faster determines whether a business flourishes or flounders. Yet generating greater value for customers while producing new efficiencies for an organization requires more than sophisticated devices, systems, and data frameworks. “Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning are revolutionizing business–and 

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Demystifying the Compliance Challenge

These are uncertain times, especially for those in the finance industry. The regulatory picture is changing rapidly; the fact the world’s top investment banks have been fined a remarkable $43 billion over the past few years suggests they’re having a hard time maintaining compliance. Regulations such as Dodd-Frank in the US, EMIR in the EU, 

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