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A travel app for the millennial age

Most of us travel at some point, whether for business or leisure. Often it’s an itinerary we are very used to, however sometimes it’s somewhere new which entails us stepping out of our comfort zone. However whether familiar or unfamiliar, sometimes things go wrong. To help with the travel process, we would all benefit from 

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Customer centricity in the real world

The Millennial generation has grown up with information technology and they expect their interactions with Business to Consumer (B2C) IT systems, whether sales or service focused, to consistently deliver top-quality customer service experiences. More so than previous generations, they are both heavily marketed to by brands and very brand conscious; they tend to group together 

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Improving customer experience and the need for customer data management in the utilities sector

In the UK the Water industry operates on a geographic basis. If you live in a water company’s supply area, then that company bills you for the supply of fresh water and treatment of waste water. In the electricity and gas industry the retail market is more open and non-geographic, so you can have a 

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