Dan DiSantis

Dan DiSantis is a Senior Director for Virtusa, a global IT consulting company. As Senior Director with Virtusa’s BPM Healthcare Practice, Dan actively provides guidance around technology strategy and planning, business case development and program management to Payers, Providers, and Life Sciences companies in the Healthcare Industry. Dan has spent the past 30+ years working in the healthcare industry with experience in both BPM and ECM. Dan is a regular panelist and guest speaker.

Posts by Dan DiSantis

Pharma Companies, Escape the Black Hole of the conventional!

The pharmaceutical industry lives and breathes innovation, yet the nature of its products, and their direct relationship to human health necessitates the most conservative and methodical levels of control and oversight, to meet compliance, as driven by stringent regulations. Conventional safety frameworks, manually intensive processes and legacy systems create barriers to efficiency and innovation for 

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Case Intake and the Black Hole: The Need for Digital Automation

In this post, we will focus on the three primary phases of Adverse Event Case Processing (AECP): intake, processing and reporting, and their related challenges. Many of the Intake process-related tasks are further exacerbated as we straddle the worlds of analog (manual) and digital (automated) processes. In this blog post, we will review the challenges associated with 

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