Chloe Katz

Business Analyst, Virtusa. Chloe is an analyst in the financial services consulting practice of Virtusa. Her experience includes developing and implementing banking solutions that utilize business intelligence. Chloe specializes in industry analytics and research and guest writes for publications including the Economist. She graduated cum laude from NYU in International Business and was also a long time member of the U.S National Figure Skating Team.

Posts by Chloe Katz

5 reasons why financial institutions should adopt dashboard technology

The financial services industry is feeling increased pressure as compliance and risk management needs steadily increase. Driving this pressure are the new federal banking regulations and the increasing dollar amount of regulatory fines. Financial institutions’ senior leadership is faced with new challenges around managing risk in addition to managing the amount of resources dedicated to 

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Impact of spreadsheets and manual processes on enterprise risk

Financial services firms are stuck in a tangled web of data and legacy systems. This model will not sustain today’s business environment, which is largely defined by new regulations and the changes firms need to make to comply. The industry is also challenged with low trading volumes, shortened settlement cycles, and traders looking to new 

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