Bob Graham

Global Head Domain, Consulting and Industry Solutions,Virtusa. Bob Graham leads our cross domain and consulting practices and drives our industry solutions efforts. Bob leads a global team responsible for creating world class domain consulting offerings and targeted solutions for our industry verticals. Our domain consulting teams bring top notch industry experience and ability to help lead our clients through Change The Business (CTB) initiatives including customer acquisition and on-boarding, cost takeout and improved operational efficiency, digital transformation, regulatory change and payments disruption. Bob brings over 25 years of experience in financial services and insurance. Bob is a frequent speaker on digital banking and emerging trends such as robotics, digital payments, machine learning and AI. Prior to joining Virtusa Corporation, Bob spent four years at NetNumina Solutions in Cambridge, MA and six years at State Street Bank as a Vice President for Global Markets IT. Bob began his career at Bank of New England. Bob holds a BA from Hamilton College in Clinton, NY.

Posts by Bob Graham

The future of biometrics in payments

The global explosion of mobile payments is driving the need for a more secure authentication system – an alternative to traditional authentication techniques is cloud based mobile biometrics. Biometrics related to payments is ultimately about ways to enhance authentication. Indeed, the Biometrics Research Group, Inc. expects that worldwide mobile payment transactions will reach $250 billion in 2014, 

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What EMV and tokenization mean for banks

Clearly two of the biggest buzz words this year are EMV and tokenization. Although they are frequently talked about together, EMV and tokenization represent two different initiatives and present opportunities as well as challenges for banks. There has been a seemingly endless spate of data breaches in the United States. Recent breaches have occurred at 

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Flaws in bank provisioning resulting in Apple Pay fraud

Apple Inc.’s Apple Pay mobile-payment system has taken some hits over rumors of rampant fraud. According to some reports, Apple Pay fraud is 60% higher than mag-stripe credit card fraud. And now, with the announcement two weeks ago of the Apple Watch and its support of Apple Pay, there is some concern that fraud could accelerate. 

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Is Apple Pay good or bad for banks?

The pace of disruption in banking continues on a near weekly basis, creating challenges for banks to retain front of mindshare, and preserve and retain their customer base. Consumer banks are threatened in nearly every traditional product area from upstarts and more nimble competitors, to non-bank players that are disrupting the traditional interaction model between 

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Digital Disruption in Retail Banking

The retail banking industry today is undergoing change at levels not seen heretofore. There are two primary drivers of this change: demographics and technology. There are 83 million millennials, people born after 1980, who came of age around the millennium. This makes millennials the largest demographic today at about 5 million more than the baby 

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Mobile Banking Trends in 2014

2013 was a big year for mobile banking driving by trends such as increased smart phone adoption and the popularity of mobile check deposit. Looking into 2014, we see several areas that will drive mobile banking adoption even higher: Bob GrahamGlobal Head Domain, Consulting and Industry Solutions,Virtusa. Bob Graham leads our cross domain and consulting 

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Looking back at 2013: 4 trends driving mobile banking adoption

Year 2013 was in some ways a year that created the foundation for rapid mobile banking growth in the coming years. An Accenture study found that adoption increased in the US by 50%. This growth shows no sign of slowing, as Forrester Research predicts that U.S. mobile banking users will double in the next five 

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Branch Banking May Outlast the Online Channel After All

There have been many articles and opinions written about the demise of the banking branch. These discussions have dated back to when the ATM was first introduced and have been brought up again more recently due to the rise of mobile banking. Today’s consumer bank provides services across physical branch, ATM, online, mobile and tablet 

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5 Mobile Apps that will be Widely Adopted by Financial Institutions in 2012

Financial services firms globally are investing strategically in enterprise mobile financial service solutions to deliver more mobile-based banking services and reduce the overall cost of operations. According to a recent survey by KPMG, mobile banking has already reached critical mass with 33% of US consumers conducting banking transactions over their mobile devices. This number is 

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