Amar Surjit

Senior Architect, Virtusa. Amar brings with him over 11 years of experience in IT consulting. He has worked with a variety of clients from different industry verticals. Over the years, Amar has architected large-scale solutions ranging from Enterprise Portals, Web Content and Document management systems, complex integrations and bespoke J2EE, and Microsoft .Net based solutions. Amar’s core competencies include Solution Architecture, Agile delivery, IT consulting & Strategy, Public, Telecom and Transport sector, Major software design & development. Amar is a graduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Posts by Amar Surjit

Why you should consider ‘Model Office’ for large transformation programmes

In most of the large transformation programmes, there are impacts on process, people and systems and the right business solution will require bringing these different elements together and form a solution which truly delivers the expected business outcomes. To bring the cross functional teams together and build the future business processes while technology supports the 

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CMS Usability: 10 Tips to Consider (Part 1)

Content Management System (CMS) roll outs frequently present many challenges, one of the biggest being usability. Some of the commonly heard customer feedback and queries include: “My business users are not able to understand this new technical tool. What they need is a very simple way to add/edit some text, add images, videos, submit for 

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