Arvind Purushothaman

Arvind Purushothaman leads the Data & Analytics practice at Virtusa. He has over 22 years of experience in this space, and focuses on Data consulting, Data Engineering, Analytics and AI/ML.

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How’s Big Data looking for 2017?

Get ready for more real-time data, non-relational or unstructured data along with need for self-service tools, data governance and data quality The year 2016 was an important one in the world of big data. What used to be hype became the norm as more businesses realized that data and the related infrastructure, in all forms 

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Leverage Data to Improve Business

Once organizations start thinking about improved outcomes, they have to revisit the customer experience as a whole. Digital transformation is a key mantra to improve the outcome. It can be broken down into improved user experience, process transformation, and personalization using data—all supported by an underlying infrastructure transformation for improved agility. Data—and by its extension, 

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It pays to modernize your data architecture

In today’s world where data is collected at every interaction, be it over the phone, mobile, PC, sensors, with or without us knowing, it becomes important to have a strategy around data. Traditionally, data has been seen as something to “run the business,” but, in today’s context, it can actually “be the business” if monetized 

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