Anthony Lange

Anthony Lange is Sr. Vice President & Global Head, Life Sciences at Virtusa. Mr. Lange is a team-oriented business leader as demonstrated by over 17 years of progressive experience developing and managing client-centric, technology-driven business solutions. He provides leadership and strategic direction to clients by blending experience, knowledge of industry drivers, discovery of business objectives, and exposure to technology with the skills required to navigate organizations and influence stakeholder action. As Senior VP & Global Head of Virtusa's Life Sciences business, Anthony is responsible for leading all aspects of financial, domain solution and organizational growth while serving as the senior executive sponsor across its global Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Distribution and CRO clients.

Posts by Anthony Lange

FinTechs Made Personal Wealth Management Easier: Can MedTechs Do The Same For Personal Health?

The financial meltdown of 2007 did away with the image of banks as safe havens for wealth. A joint coup between emerging technologies and FinTech innovators triggered a change in how wealth was managed. The idea that an alternative to conventional banking models could exist suddenly seemed viable. FinTech brought a fresh approach to wealth 

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