It’s Your Digital Transformation Jungle

From television ads to a multitude of websites – digital transformation is the latest trending topic that keeps C-Level execs up at night:

  • If you have “transformed”, you worry you don’t know how to keep current,
  • If you are “transforming” then you worry you are not doing it right, OR
  • If your organization risks entering the digital dark ages, you worry about how to prevent that, and where to start.

Let’s face it, there is more to digital transformation than what the ads and marketing campaigns paint. Your world involves a smorgasbord of scattered applications and databases, tied together with different interfaces and oiled by clever code that Bob wrote 10 years ago – where is Bob?! This is your jungle – the jungle of systems you must rationalize, clean up and migrate to the Cloud. This is what you need to do so your organization can accelerate, reduce operational cost, and compete in a digital world.

As excitement builds for PegaWorld 2018, Virtusa is launching the “Triple R” approach to upgrades, cloud migration, and the pathway to digitally transforming your business. We have launched three new service products that leverage highly automated tools to Recon, Refactor and Re-platform your existing applications, including migration to a cloud platform of your choice. Our approach takes advantage of Virtusa’s unique and long-standing relationship with Pega’s engineering teams and our leading role in performing Pega upgrades, for which we have built several frameworks and accelerators.

These three new independent but connected solutions will:

  • Clearly identify and reduce technical debt of your existing applications through automated reconnaissance tools and guided SDLC analysis
  • Enable future Pega upgrades that are seamless and non-disruptive by Refactoring your application set for easy, cloud-native upgrades
  • Re-platform your apps either on-prem or to a cloud solution of your choosing, including PegaCloud, MS Azure, Pivotal, AWS, etc.
  • Establish and integrate with enterprise Dev-Ops systems and mind-set to leverage the fast paced digitally transformed future you establish

As these services find your path to digital transformation, Virtusa will help you integrate Pega’s advanced capabilities to support CRM, Customer Decision Hub, AI and Robotics that will be on full display at PegaWorld this year.

PegaWorld is always an exciting time that builds great enthusiasm for the future. But then you go back to the reality of your jungle.

What you see of Pega’s capabilities in Vegas should not stay in Vegas!

We can help maintain and translate the excitement of PegaWorld into tangible thought leadership and engagement in your real world. Our SME’s will be at Virtusa’s booth #4 to answer your questions about what these “Triple R” services deliver, and how they work.

Come and meet your jungle guide!

Thomas Gardam

Thomas Gardam is Senior Director of DPA(Digital Process Automation) practice. He has extensive Pega platform background, working in Pega engineering for 18+yrs and is an integral part of Virtusa DPA solution leadership team. He has played instrumental roles in many strategic Pega partner activities over the years most notable in the Pega India build, Pega 7 upgrade program and major technical development programs.

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