Digital Process Automation: A shift in your organization’s culture towards business transformation

Digital process automation (DPA) represents a significant shift in organizations’ culture towards business transformation. DPA has evolved into a greater impactful element to businesses today. It is not just a tool to automate to eliminate people but truly enable digital transformation. Without the move to DPA, organizations will lose cost advantage – in not so much as operational costs but the cost of bringing relevant experiences faster. Organizations will face it difficult to deliver speed of differentiation and scale to adapt to the pace of the digital world. DPA bridges the divide between physical stores and online spaces, so without adopting DPA organizations can fail miserably in delivering the same consistent experience across channels and still drive personalization.


Stuart Chandler

Senior Vice President - Digital Process Automation Practice, Virtusa. Stuart has over 18 years of experience in deploying Business Process Management (BPM) solutions in large Financial, Insurance and Healthcare organizations. His focus areas include process optimization and implementing core foundations that enable businesses to transform into agile organizations. Stuart has worked across the globe delivering solutions to Fortune 500 companies and possesses a unique mix of extensive industry knowledge, in-depth technology expertise and cross cultural experience. Stuart has a Resource Economics degree from the University of New Hampshire. He also holds a Masters of Business Administration and Master of Science (MIS) degree from the Boston University. Stuart loves the outdoors and participating in sports including running, playing squash and ice hockey.

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