Landing Zone: A Starting Point for Cloud Migration Journey

A sound governance and operational model is key to successful cloud migration. However, most enterprises do not pay attention to this factor, leading to longer migration cycles, higher cross-team interdependencies, and increasing operating costs.

Building a landing zone is therefore, a starting point to meet the needs for cloud factory migration, which incorporates best practices followed for operating and governance models.

So, what is a landing zone?

Landing zone is a configured environment with standard set of secured cloud infrastructure, policies, best practices, guidelines, and centrally managed services. It is the first step in the cloud migration journey for a factory model application.

Some considerations for building the landing zone include strategies –

  • AWS account creation – As accounts provide segregation at a high level, we need to define the number of accounts that need to be created. Base the creation of accounts on line of businesses, compliance, environment etc., within the organization.
  • Network configurations – Strategize the creation of networks within the account, VPCs required per account, connectivity between on premise and cloud.
  • Security – Build foundational pieces for identity and access management to identify individual roles and responsibilities. Standardize hardened machine images, build security policies, robust network monitoring, and log analytics.
  • Automation – Automating the infrastructure creation, standard policies for security, governance and cost optimization would help improve security, enhance management, and reduce cost

Building a landing zone offers key benefits such as:

  • Reduced manual effort, improved quality and faster service delivery
  • Enhanced scalability, security and governance
  • Increased network resilience & performance
  • Reduced operational cloud cost
  • Greater operational rigor through shared service model
  • Higher agility through well-defined operating model

For a successful application migration to cloud, strategizing and implementing a landing zone is therefore the starting point.