Nordea & VirtusaPolaris FinTech Lab to help FinTechs during Stockholm Startup Weekend

Nordea and VirtusaPolaris FinTech Lab to help FinTechs converting ideas into prototypes during Stockholm Startup Weekend

Nordea is the Signature sponsor at the Stockholm Startup Weekend for FinTechs January 27-29 and we are proud to announce that Nordea has engaged VirtusaPolaris Fintech Lab to be prime Innovation partner during the event.

We will together utilize our unique Open API accelerators of the FinTech Lab to provide entrepreneurs of FinTech startups a unique opportunity to convert their idea into a concept or prototype. Our FinTech lab will provide access to not only the Smart Banking platform but also to our innovative experts that will guide the startups through the process to connect instantly to the lab environment and gain access to more than 10M fictive customers and their accounts. It will be a 54-hour frenzy of business model creation, coding, designing, and market validation. This exciting innovation weekend culminate with presentations in front of a jury who will give awards and game-changing feedback. May the best passionate entrepreneur win!

Henrik Crone

Henrik Crone works as Head of the Fintech Lab, Nordics at VirtusaPolaris. With more than 15 years’ experience in developing and managing innovative solutions and strategies at banks and other financial institutions worldwide, he is a renowned innovative leader, ranging from business ideas to technology solutions. Mr. Crone’s knowledge spans across the entire banking function and his all-around competence also makes him an appreciated speaker and lecturer.

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