News Corp DevOps Terraform Implementation


News Corp, a leading media conglomerate, owns a number of world known companies and has multiple LOBs under their business portfolio. They developed a multi-year business transformation strategy with an objective to move majority of their infrastructure and applications across their subsidiaries and LOBs to the public cloud.


News Corp’s subsidiaries and LOBs leveraged multiple technologies that grew organically over time. As a result, News Corp’s cloud deployment strategy lacked an overall cohesive approach that led to slow pace in cloud adoption.

Prior to the transformation, News Corp relied on Jenkins and CloudFormation for automating infrastructure and application deployment. The solution did not provide them a unified strategy to deploy the infrastructure and applications on their private cloud, AWS and other public clouds. Additionally it lacked the flexibility to support LOB specific requirements.


As part of a cloud migration effort, we reviewed the existing infrastructure automation and put forward recommendations to improve the overall continuous integration and deployment process based on Jenkins, Terraform, Chef, Artifactory and GitHub.

Our proposed solution used Terraform to deploy the infrastructure, Chef to configure the infrastructure and deploy the application, Artifactory to store the application binaries, GitHub for the infrastructure and configuration code and Jenkins as the orchestrator. Thus providing an end-to-end infrastructure and application deployment automation to support unified deployment strategy across different infrastructure environments and also cater to multiple LOBs diverse use cases.

The implementation included creation of one base Terraform workflow and a Jenkins instance to orchestrate the workflow. Besides using this workflow for application stacks creation we also plan to use it for IAM roles/policies, Security Groups and Route53.


  • Unified deployment strategy across different infrastructure environments
  • Supports multiple LOBs diverse use cases
  • Terraform being human readable and easily auditable the workflow enhances the usability
  • Reduced operational cost by implementing a disposable and consumption based infrastructure model using Terraform and Jenkins deployment workflow