Dow Jones DevOps Transformation

Dow Jones, a leading publishing and financial information firm in the world, had envisioned building a robust digital platform to distribute content that would help them reduce TCO and improve business efficiency. Dow Jones wanted to leverage agile DevOps methodologies to reduce time to market.


Dow Jones greatly promotes the use of industry standard DevOps tools and processes. However due to the non-cohesive approach throughout different LOBs and slow adoption rate of the internally proposed continuous integration and deployment  processes, they were experiencing longer release cycles that in turn increased the time to market. In addition, less or no automation of many applications increased the number of issues during deployments due to manual configuration changes.

As part of the business transformation and cloud migration effort, the VirtusaPolaris team (Cloud Transformation team) conducted detailed analysis of the existing DevOps workflows; continuous integration and delivery workflows and the corresponding tool chain. We proposed changes to improve the operations of the migration targets, implemented the changes and utilized the improved workflows in mass migration effort.


Cloud migration is a great time for customers to rethink their operational processes and tooling to improve the efficiency in managing and administering their portfolio. Infrastructure and deployment automation are key ingredients to address the need of a successful cloud migration while improving the operational efficiency of the service moving forward.

We leveraged our well-defined, phased and iterative approach for the over arching cloud transformation program that encompasses four distinct areas – analysis, migration, operating model and program management.
VirtusaPolaris conducted the following DevOps work to cover all four distinct areas in the following way:

  • Cloud Architectures and DevOps Process Review – Reviewed and provided recommendations on the current Cloud Architectures & DevOps processes including CI/CD workflows, Configuration management and other DevOps tool chain
  • Strategic Continuous Integration and Delivery Workflow Assessment – Assessed current state CI/CD workflow and suggested improvements
  • High Available Chef Deployment Strategy Assessment – Assessed current state of Chef implementation and proposed HA Chef deployment and migration strategy
  • DevOps Processes Implementation and Optimization – Help implementing improvements to the current CI/CD processes (Ex: Artifactory Enterprise etc.)
  • Applications Migration – Migrated number of applications to Dev and Prod environments using the improved robust CI/CD workflows


  • Improved business agility to roll out new services with the help of end to end infrastructure and application delivery automation that reduced issues during deployments and time to market
  • Reduced operational cost by implementing a disposable and consumption based infrastructure model
  • Significantly reduced total cost of ownership by providing enterprise wide solutions and re-usable templates and repeatable process using DevOps pipelines
  • Increased visibility in to the workloads with different dashboards (CloudFormation, Jenkins, CloudHealth etc.)