Cloud & Digital Transformation: It’s not about IT

That’s right — I said it!

Digital Transformation is not about IT. (I’ll pause a moment for some IT leaders to stop reading this and go back to managing the latest round of reductions to their annual budget).

The Cloud & Digital markets are exploding! And everywhere you look, corporations are talking about and acting on cloud initiatives and digital transformation. One very IMPORTANT point to remember during this mad dash —– The cloud & digital transformation are about growing top line revenue for businesses. Unfortunately, much of what you hear in conversations is focused on technical capabilities (Private / Public / Hybrid Cloud, Mobile Apps, IoT, Data Analytics, Social Integration, etc). A more meaningful conversation involves how these technological capabilities are directly adding to the growth of the business. It’s a must to START with the business growth strategy THEN align cloud & digital capabilities to the strategy.

Here is a generic example:

Cloud & Digital Transformation Example

Cloud & Digital Transformation Example

The demand for revenue growth has never been more intense in the business climate and the transformative technologies are great tools to help you add to the top line revenue number. Just be sure to remain focused on the business strategy and do not get suffocated by the technology. As you begin (or continue down) a cloud and digital transformation path, be sure to engage with people and partner organizations who have a clear methodology with scope and objectives that are aligned with top line revenue and brand improvement.

They say that getting the focus right, is half of the work done.

So, how are you rethinking your business focus to tackle the digital wave?


James Farroll

Director of Cloud Services for Virtusa and is based in St. Louis, MO. With over 20 years of experience in technology sales and operations, James has a passion for helping customers solve business problems by leveraging innovative and transformational technologies. James has worked with leading corporations such as Microsoft, Avaya, Computer Sciences Corporation, Siemens, iPass, Synacom Technology and others. Throughout his career, James has successfully sold high business value solutions to Enterprise customers & the Communications Service Provider market. Previous to this role, James held positions of Sr. Account Executive, Solution Specialist, Principal of Cloud Services, Practice Manager of Professional Services, Sales Engineering Manager & Manager of Field Service Engineers. James holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial & Organizational Psychology from Southern Illinois University and in his free time he enjoys spending time with his wife and 2 daughters. He also enjoys golf, swimming, mountain biking, running & snowboarding.

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