Are Cloud and Enterprise Application Development becoming synonyms?

While cloud adoption is growing rapidly, most enterprises (80+%) run approximately 30% of their workload in the cloud.  However, a similar percentage of enterprises report that an additional 30% of applications are built on cloud-friendly architectures and are ready for the cloud.

As this trend settles in, the major driver for this change in IT dynamics of large enterprises remains the perceived benefit of a more operational and pay-per-usage based model over making huge capital investments on computing hardware.

Greater flexibility and high maintainability are the other driving factors behind this evolution. Enterprises are looking at building sustainable business systems for the future. In this era of consumer-centric business models where you need to assure all-time and anywhere availability, cloud becomes the primary driver in providing highly scalable solutions that can handle any situation like upsurge in consumer traffic.


Cloud for Enterprise Applications

Cloud for Enterprise Applications

AWS in the recent times is looking at a second decade of cloud revolution. Following the trends in the market, AWS believes that big data churning and cloud-based data centers has become the need of the hour, due to more data being produced by the cloud and IoT applications. They feel that cloud is democratizing data center technology, thus enterprises have chosen a path to differentiate more on the lines of how they use the data, thus focus shifting towards cloud based data analytics.

However, hybrid cloud remains the preferred strategy with public cloud continuing to outpace private cloud (riding the flat growth) over the past couple of years.  AWS continues its Public Cloud dominance with more than a 4x adoption rate over their closest competitor Azure.

With enterprises looking at cloud as the main driver for their business transformation and native-cloud applications getting prominence in the present market, time has come to embrace the new framework of Enterprise Application Development.

Do you feel we are accelerating towards the era of ‘cloud-only’ enterprises?

Andrew Berman

joined Virtusa BFS business unit in March of 2014. Prior to joining Virtusa, Andrew was Managing Partner and minority owner of Evolution Sports Science (ESS) Management LLC, a chain of high-end full service health clubs in the greater Boston Area. Leading up to his position at ESS, Andrew worked for three companies from 1982-2011. Most recently he was COO and Partner for 6+ years at Beers Enterprises Inc., a Telco Services company. Prior to that, he worked at Microsoft Corporation for 11+ years in a variety of management positions in the U.S. and Europe. Andrew’s major achievements at Microsoft included launching the companies 1st Business Consulting Practice, and building an Accelerated Partner Program focused on systems products and developer tools. Andrew’s final assignment at Microsoft was running the European Operations Centre in Dublin, Ireland. He was responsible for manufacturing, distribution and call center support for Europe, Middle East and Africa. He started his business career at IBM, working in the Northeast for 7+ years as an account executive and sales manager. Andrew’s passions include golf, coaching baseball, and travel. In his current role at Virtusa, Andrew has brought a wealth of channel and partner experience to the Cloud Practice, which has helped drive strategic relationships with vendors like SFDC, Amazon, Microsoft, NetSuite, etc.

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