It is time to dive into Personalization bliss

Today’s generation not only expects personalization, but demands it. There is no faster way to lose a customer than to act like you don’t know them. This is especially true during the course of a repetitive business transaction, such as placing an order on your website, etc. Modern digital experience platforms, such as Sitecore Experience Platform and Adobe Experience Manager, enable you to engage with your customers on a whole new level. Don’t just take my word for it, see for yourself with these 3 simple steps:

  1. Identify – The first step is clearly and distinctively identify what activities that you want your customers to do, say purchase items from your website for example.
  2. Measure – Now with the appropriate analytic tools, such as those built into these modern digital experience platforms, you can easily measure the steps a customer goes through on their journey to complete an order. How efficiently are they able to complete the tasks? Are there any extra steps that customers perform before completing, such as reviewing frequently asked questions, shipping & handling, return policies, etc., and of course how about the process in which your site gathers the additional information necessary to complete the transaction.
  3. Improve – Now that you can measure, you can then test improvements and determine what content and personalization changes and enhancements can be made to increase the completion rate and reduce the number of steps a customer would have to go through to complete it.

Always strive for improvement. By continually repeating these steps, your customers will greatly appreciate the effort and efficiency it gains them and you’ll appreciate the increased business.



To learn more see VirtusaPolaris’ Digital Services – Associate Director David Walker, a Sitecore Technology MVP, as he has the honor of being selected to present at the Sitecore Symposium 2016. He will be delivering “Dive into Personalization Bliss” on Sept 15, 2016; at 4pm CST.  Are you looking to make personalization easier for developers, content editors and marketers? This interactive session will offer several basic, yet powerful examples of personalized condition building using Sitecore Personalization API and deep integration with third-party APIs. He will show you how to enable your marketing team to personalize content based on hundreds of new data points include average house price, land-water ratio, population, number of jobs, weather and more. Bliss guaranteed!

Of course, connect with him on Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks to learn more as well!