The Death of the Screen – From Mobile to “No Mobile”

Smartphones have been a trending topic of discussion, specifically around whether they will exist within five years, or if mobile technology will be replaced with Artificial Intelligence. With smartphones as a necessity today, it is interesting to think that they will be a thing of the past by 2021. So how will this all transpire?

There is a big change occurring and it doesn’t involve your customers interacting with your 13”, 9” and 5” mobile phone real estate. In fact, it likely doesn’t involve your customer interacting with you at all. So how effective will your website or app be when customers are using a complete home automation system? Currently, “Hey Alexa, where’s good to go on holiday?” may not be a question many outside of certain Seattle eCommerce giants are really thinking about, but this change is coming and it’s coming faster than you think.

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The article  was originally published on MAD MARKETER and is re-posted here by permission.

Ed Fowler

Vice President, CEM and Digital Transformation Practice, Virtusa .

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