Sara, suggest me the best insurance for my family?

Cognitive computing is at the crossroads of the next generation technological disruptions and the rising expectations of ‘digital natives’ which are in turn fuelling these disruptions. Today, artificial intelligence has been developed to reach the next phase of progressive innovation. With the empowerment of computerized model where human thought processes are simulated by leveraging a synergy between natural language processing, machine learning and data mining; it can be safely said that the era of cognitive computing is here.

The insurance industry is also not spared from the influence of this innovation. From revolutionizing how you buy insurance with the introduction of virtual agents, easing the process of application, underwriting and claims settlement, through data mining and real-time decision making; cognitive computing is opening up avenues that are turning to be cost effective as well as providing a seamless consumer experience. It thus facilitates simplification of the insurance industry and creates an engaging ecosystem.

Why bother you may ask? In a recent IBM Institute for Business Value survey, 41 percent of respondents stated that they left insurers that were too slow to react to their changing needs. So it’s time to react, before it’s too late! And if you ask your virtual risk advisor Sara about the present scenario, she will also suggest that ‘cognitive computing’ is needed for your organization to strengthen its competitive arsenal.

Who is Sara? Get to know more about her and the answers to the questions that cloud your mind regarding this new transformational journey of the insurance sector, register here for the webinar on 7th June, 2016 by VirtusaPolaris, jointly hosted by our partner, Kinvey and guest speaker Ellen Carney, an industry expert from Forrester Research.

Nikhil Meshram

Senior Manager, Virtusa.

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