Technology: A key to patient satisfaction?

Patients are the key driving force of today’s consumer-driven healthcare market. Whether it’s the caregiver one chooses from or a facility chosen from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid star ratings, patient satisfaction marks the future of this highly dynamic and competitive industry.

As for health plans, apart from patient satisfaction, member satisfaction is also a key success factor driving the NCQA Health Plan Insurance Rankings, Medicare’s Plan Quality and Performance Ratings, and other similar ratings systems.

In the current connected age, both factors play a key role for the success of healthcare providers and payers.

Providers are finding ways to quickly improve their patient satisfaction by relentlessly investing and involving themselves in an overwhelming use of technology.

Has this increased use of technology impacted their patient satisfaction, as intended? To best find out, let’s pick a few of the trending technologies used by the providers and payers, and analyze how it has helped the industry enable increased consumer satisfaction.

The article was originally published on Managed Healthcare Executive on April 10, 2016 and is re-posted here by permission. Click here to access the complete article.

Kuzhalan Samydurai

Manager - Business Consulting, Virtusa. Kuzhalan Samydurai has helped lead healthcare organizations for more than a decade by providing IT solutions for their complex business problems, enabling their growth and making them complaint with the industry regulations

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