Driving enterprise mobile initiatives with a strong partner ecosystem

Today we see the chaotic, yet exciting, shift in digital transformation. Enterprises are understanding that mobile solutions are key to transforming their customer and enterprise engagement.  They are understanding because they see the mobile movement happening.

So why do we talk about the Mobile movement?  We all have heard “the year of Mobile”, in years past.  We anxiously participated for the “year” to happen.  We saw positive movement. But the boom was still coming.  We are now in 2016.  Mobile is not just claiming 2016, but it definitely has become a movement. Customers can no longer just add mobile to their plans, but they need to develop a plan with a mobile-centric focus.

So how as mobile experts, do we proactively innovate our clients to transform their strategies to mobile-centric?  Working with other mobile experts are a great start so the ecosystem can provide mobile solutions to the customer.  Here at VirtusaPolaris, we are excited to see our Mobile partner ecosystem grow to new heights.

We are pleased to announce our newest partner to the VirtusaPolaris mobile portfolio, Kinvey, Inc., who provided Mobile Backend as a Service to top companies including Sanofi, NBC Universal, and VMWare.  Kinvey has been consistently recognized Forrester as an industry leader in the Mobile Backend as a Service Space.

The Kinvey team provides our clients with a scalable, cloud based platform for connection into legacy ERP and cloud based systems such as SAP, Oracle, Salesforce.com, APIGEE, and many more.  VirtusaPolaris and Kinvey have partnered to build integrated solutions for our clients that rapidly accelerate development and build transformative mobile solutions.

“Many enterprises struggle to compete with the agility and innovation of a startup. These organizations can look to VirtusaPolaris to accelerate their digital transformation and with Kinvey as the mobile foundation, they can feel confident that their investment is well spent on unique application development, and not re-inventing the right mobile infrastructure to support it.”

So how does this partnership provide mobile efficient solutions?  The VirtusaPolaris and Kinvey teams worked together to build a transformative virtual agent experience utilizing an industry leading artificial intelligence engine.  Meet our virtual agent, Sara, and view her video here.

In our quest to continually drive value for our clients, we look forward to strengthening our mobile solution capabilities by partnering with mobile experts. Like Kinvey, who support our clients from defining their mobile strategy to design, build and deploy apps used by millions of customers and enterprises world-wide.

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