The role of cloud and big data in unlocking value from IoT

When advanced powerful technologies are brought together, and their potential tapped the right way, business outcomes in terms of service delivery, cost, market extension, software maintenance can all take a significant leap.

the-role-of-cloud-and-big-dataCloud is a well-established technology continuously expanding it’s service areas and meeting ever-changing business challenges. On the other hand, big data has evolved with 3D view of data and its capacity is growing by the day as well. The latest in line, Internet of Things (IoT) is capable of processing big data from multiple sources, devices, and channels and bring useful intelligible information to users.

These three technologies can complement one another and procure high-value benefits for your business. Cloud’s highly defined and widely distributed resources serve to speed up big data analytics and also form a good connecting platform for IoT.

IoT applications will impact more on the velocity and volume and less on the nature of big data. The primary challenges of big data are the live processing of streaming events, storing streaming events in the database, and correlating streaming events with stored data in the database.

Detecting issues at the right time, and reacting in real-time is the idea behind putting together these three technologies to work as one team. The architectural framework defined in this standard will promote cross-domain interaction, aid system interoperability and functional compatibility, and further fuel the growth of the IoT market. The adoption of a unified approach to the development of IoT systems will reduce industry fragmentation and create a critical mass of multi-stakeholder activities around the world.

As Gartner suggests the magnitude of IoT-related network connections and data volumes is likely to favor a distributed approach of cloud performing initial processing and relevant data forwarded over WAN links to a central site for further analysis. The Cloud, Big data, and IoT combination will have its best impact by capturing, sharing, routing, processing, and visualizing real-time information on mission critical applications, across industries – intelligent operations, healthcare, generating new business models, education, transportation, financial services etc.